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All kinds of boats to be rented during your Ibiza trip

Samboat provides all sorts of Ibiza boat hire for any time and destination of your choosing. You can rent any of the boats you will find on the platform to enjoy for a couple of hours, for watching a breathtaking sunset in front of Cafe del Mar and Mambo, for a boat trip for Ibiza, for a weekend stay on board, and of course you can also chose to aboat rental ibiza and rent a catamaran or sailboat for a full week to discover all the amazing coves of the Ibiza islands.

Catamaran boat rental in Ibiza

The sailing catamaran is the last year's top-notch vessel. It is the type of boat that the boat rental customers in Ibiza most demand. It is not a surprised by this because of all the benefits they offer. Not only does it provide a truly exceptional board space, it is also a very stable vessel. For this reason, while sailing, the catamaran is the ideal vessel to avoid uncomfortable dizziness.

Sailing boat rental in Ibiza

The sailing boats offer very affordable prices to enjoy the wonderful sailing experience in one of the Mediterranean's natural paradises. We will, of course, have an engine when the wind is scarce. Including catamarans, it is possible to book these ships for one day sailing trips as well as reserve them for the time you want to stay overnight. One of the greatest pleasures we can give you is to wake up while floating above the sea and plunge into the crystal clear waters of our islands.

Speed boat rental in Ibiza

If you're looking to quickly reach the different stops along our route and you're a motor lover, then speed boats are the ideal charter boat for you. The boats can be hired by skipper or skipper-if you have a nautical sports permit. Here they make sure that customers who have a short time to enjoy these motor boats would delight. For a few hours or full days, samboat sell our boat rentals.

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