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All your info on boat renatals in Sicily

Enjoy exceptional vacation aboard one of the yachts, sailboats and catamarans for rent on a rental agency. Discover all availabilities for this family cruise in order to have a good time together without the stress of work and offline networks.

Sicily vision sea

Sicily is very appreciated for the beauty of its coasts and its heritage. Browsers prefer the North coast that allows you to discover the beautiful archipelago of the Windmill Islands. River rental agencies, the statistics we have 7 islands whose proximity makes it a perfect place to navigate. There is no distance between the Islands as the Lipari and the Panarea split into 8 miles only. It takes to travel 12 miles to reach Panarea and reach Stromboli, Filicudi with Alicudi 10 miles from Lipari to Vulcano 2 miles. Can we stop every evening in a different Island, sailing on very pleasant path without exceeding the hourly speed of 10 knots of the Sigismondo. Sicily is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean, with some 1,500 kilometres of coastline which excite the lovers of sailing and the sea.

Why rent a boat in Sicily?

With the boat rental sicily proposed by individuals as tenants Samboat for example, you can enjoy this island and all its natural and historical treasures at your leisure. Do not hesitate and come navigate from Palermo and take pleasure in lazing on the northwest coast of Cefalu. Or at Portorosa, tourist village built around a harbor where all the houses are pink. It took fifteen years to be a little “tradition” which now has its importance. Our partners guarantee you boat in perfect condition. Shipping bases offer a prestigious fleet of boats sailing and water sports. The home side speaks perfect English and French.

It is time to consult offers and book your stay in Sicily, a country flush island.

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