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An island doesnt have to be tropical to be spectacular!

The United Kingdom is made of exciting cities and amazing historical discoveries. Splendid coastlines and a romantic countryside, these are the ingredients of a picturesque journey in this country. And it is not only the tropical countries that offer magnificent landscapes to tourists. Indeed, the United Kingdom also has great qualities in terms of tourist resorts, seaside resorts and diving center.

Discovering the city's jewels of the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is formed of many attractive cities for tourism. It is just as interesting to explore its large urban structures as sunbathing under the sun of its sandy beaches. London, Belfast or Edinburgh are real centers of urban discovery, the famous "pubs" animate these cities. With a less lively approach, the country still arrives to offer travelers something more interesting. The cities of the center may be more cultural and less dynamic than the coastal cities that have more to offer side landscape. The United Kingdom reveals so many faces that tourists can also meet other fascinating knowledge that make this place a more than rich country.

Discover the seabed of the UK

The United Kingdom is as famous for its cities as for its broad coasts. Diving has become the main activity of tourists who come for their holidays. They experience extraordinary experiences of scuba diving UK. With the glowing sky and the shining sun, it's definitely worth going through there for a good day of diving in the UK spots. Its seas are the refuge of migratory birds and a thousand population of seals. With sea lions and galapagos, the dive experience is simply incredible. England is undoubtedly the only country that offers diving with gray seals. This is not surprising since half of the world's population of these animals is in the United Kingdom. For those who want to explore the northern seabed, Blakeney is ideal, while Lundy Island and the Scilly Islands are the wonders of the southern part.

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