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Can you dive in the UK?

Although the United Kingdoms is not always the most popular in diving, many sites are still allowing you to exercise your favorite aquatic activity. Whether solo, in groups, with friends or family, diving is one of the most popular activities for holidaymakers.

Why to dive?

When you want to go on vacation, the ones you want most are the mythical sites, the parks and landmarks, or the favorite places of tourists for outings, boxes, karaokes or just the beach . However, these are only 20/100 of the whole landscape of the world. Indeed, the rest is mainly found in water. We do not know, therefore, how to appreciate the maritime wealth that is placed at our disposal. To do this, several agencies offer scuba diving UK at attractive prices with or without experienced instructors.

The reasons for diving are numerous and differ according to the situation of each person. However, the commonalities remain the same. A great feeling of freedom, relaxation, relaxation, discovery, encounters, experience a unique adventure in an environment away from our comfort zone.

Where to dive in the UK?

There are plenty of diving places in the United Kingdom. You can, for example, take a tour of Scapa Flow which is a bay located in the Orkney Islands in northern Scotland. In this bay you will find the remains of the UB116, a submarine of the UB-III class that sank in October 1918. You can also find the Konprinz Wilhelm which is a light cruiser, König which is a battleship of 175 Cm and others. Alternatively, you can also take a tour of the FIngal Cave which is a basalt cavern on the island of Staffa. It is called "musical cavern" because of the lapping of the sea. Places of diving in the United kingdom are numerous. Just find the one that suits you best.

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