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How to rent a boat while on your travels

You want to rent a boat and live an unforgettable sea experience? Between the navigation zones, the crew and the itinerary, many choices are available to you! In order to satisfy your request, I rent my boat for you! But to make a success of your cruise, here are some practical tips before taking off.

Why rent a boat for my holidays?

Too often the idea of a boat rental is abandoned for bad reasons. Lack of experience, fear of seasickness, lack of comfort or simply because it is too expensive!

Choose the Yacht Charter for an unforgettable holiday

You will need to decide first whether you want to sail with a sailboat, motor boat, catamaran or schooner, depending on your own preferences. Then you have to choose between a boat without skipper, skipper or crew. Choosing a boat without a skipper means maneuvering yourself, but only if you have a valid skipper's license in the country of the rented yacht. If you do not have it, opt for a skippered boat. You also have the option of choosing a crewed boat, with a captain, a chef, hostesses and sailors.

The tourist circuit

The itinerary is also one of the criteria that must be taken into account when choosing the rental boat. Category A pleasure craft are intended for use on the high seas. If you plan to sail along the coast or take a walk on rivers and streams, Category C boats are dedicated for this purpose. For offshore navigation, it is recommended for category C boats. Access to protected areas is only allowed for category D boats.

Water activities

You must take into account the activities you plan to do when choosing a rental boat. To practice water sports, it is advisable to opt for a boat of more than 100 hp. As for activities such as fishing, a boat with a hull is the most appropriate.

So, embark on a rental boat and spend unique moments of escape. Whether traveling for two or with your family, you can be sure to find an offer that fits your boat rental budget.

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