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Is it safe to travel in Paris since the last terrorist attacks ?

Following the attacks which occurred in Paris Friday, 13 November 2015, the French government has taken exceptional measures regulating traffic and protect people.

If you are from an EU country or the Schengen area, passport or valid identity card is sufficient. If you are a national of a third country in the EU or the Schengen area, you will need to bring your passport, visa if required, and the usual supporting (resources, proof of accommodation, return ticket and insurance). There are no further formalities to do. You can keep your travel plans.
All these documents may be requested upon arrival on French territory - even if you entered the Schengen area by a country other than France.
With the strengthening of security measures, it is recommended that you keep these documents with you, to be able to prove your identity and living conditions of Control.

Extension of the state of emergency until the May 26, 2016

The law extending the state of emergency for three months as of February 26, 2016 was published in the Official Journal of 20 February 2016. Like the previous law of 20 November 2015, it allows to order searches anywhere, including at home, day and night, if there are serious reasons for considering that this place is frequented by a person whose behavior is a threat to security and public order.
All these measures and the extension of the state of emergency for three more months increases security in the country, especially since the resumption of security controls at the frontiers of France. These boundaries include the borders of the countries of the Schengen area such as Germany, Italy, Spain and Belgium.
All these new security measures and the extension of the state of emergency for three more months it possible to ensure the security of the country, the entire population and of all tourists visiting France. Moreover the French intelligence services are in constant liaison with US intelligence, the most powerful in the world.

Do not delay your travel in france because France remains a safe country despite the 2015 bombings!

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