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Samboat is the leader of peer-to-peer boat rentals and professional yacht charters. Whether you want to rent a boat at the best price or make money with your own boat, Samboat connects owners and renters in complete trust. No boat? No problem. Round up your crew, take the helm and head out on a voyage of boating discovery. Rentals and charters let you enjoy a wide variety of boating adventures from fishing to cruising to sailing or water sports without owning a boat. Samboat or the private boat rental website offers more than 22,000 vessels. There is something for everyone, from sailboats to catamarans to yachts. Present in the four corners of the globe, you can choose the boat of your dreams on the site, and send a reservation request to its owner if your future ship is available. When you know that a sailboat goes out on average only 10 days at sea, Samboat appears as a profitable and beneficial solution for the boat owners since it makes it possible to amortize their expenses. If you do not have the permit, you can rent it with Skipper.

For an individual, renting a boat is expensive

Thanks to SamBoat, a navigator can rent a motorboat, sailboat or catamaran up to 40% cheaper than with a professional. For example, the rent of a semi-rigid boat, costs on average 300 € the day at a professional, against 210 € on, insurance and commission included. Affordable, friendly and secure, the boat-sharing on is a unique way to navigate cheaply while benefiting from the valuable advice of owners. Thanks to this model, boat owners talk directly to boat renters. They now have the chance to maximise their asset’s use without having long periods where their vessel is left in the marina with nobody on board. The communication process is fast and reliable. You can see more of our services on the website

We thought of everything, but especially for you

Samboat surfs on the wave of collaborative consumption and participates in the revitalization of the nautical world in France. Forget the sites classified ads, SamBoat offers its members, a climate of confidence by offering several tools:

  • All risks insurance for each rental
  • Secure online payment and deposit management
  • Ratings and comments of users after rental
  • Nautical resume to indicate his maritime experiences
  • Telephone support 7/7

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