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Where to find sailboats for sale

Would you like to buy used sailboats for sale? Are you looking for a yacht in good condition for sale or find a reasonably priced boat, which probably requires a bit of work? On Band of Boats, your expert in used boats, you are spoiled for choice.

The budget

The first thing to consider is the budget. If the cost of the boat, purchase, is obvious in the choice of a sailboat, pontoon sailboats the cost of maintenance is not to be forgotten. Indeed, a small transportable sailboat and a sailboat of 9-10 meters will not have the same impact on the portfolio throughout the year. It is important to consider the different fixed costs, such as berth, insurance or wintering, equipment. The cost of a fairing will depend on the length of the boat (an antifouling pot is not given, ...). Also foresee the different posts to be replaced, in the coming years, like the ends, the rigging, to see the engine.

The control of the boat

Finally, when the choice of boat has been made, according to the criteria above, it remains only to find the best compromise, the rare pearl. Visiting the generalist or specialized advertising sites on used boats is obviously essential. But remember to visit the pontoons, contact the wintering yards. And when the ideal sailboat is found, it must be controlled. If an expertise is almost indispensable or even mandatory for some insurance companies, a first control will avoid incurring costs for nothing. The ideal is to be accompanied by a person who will have a more critical eye than you, with more reason. Brokers have the advantage of knowing the market, prices and are now very often recognized professionals who master the different areas of a boat.

So, before you decide in the purchase of your sailboat, consult the various sections and tips that can serve as a guide!

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